• 27 May 2024, 06:11 AM



There are many advantages to be gained by implementing a virtualised solution.  In a multiple server environment it is possible to consolidate several applications onto a single piece of hardware, reducing both capital outlay and running costs.  Even in a single server network there are considerable benefits such as fast recovery in the event of system loss or failure.
We use virtualisation technology to create a fail-over solution designed to minimise downtime in the event of a disaster. We mirror your virtualised on-site servers to cloud servers which are installed in our UK based, secure, high availability data centre.
In the event of a failure of your on-site server, your systems will “fail over” to a recovery server located in our data centre within a contracted SLA which allows your staff to continue working and hence minimises the impact on your business operations. The recovery server can be securely accessed from any location of your choice, giving you complete flexibility in the event of unexpected disruption.

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If you’d like to talk to us about virtualised systems then please either contact us by phone, using 03333 22 11 00 or fill out our enquiry form

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