• 27 May 2024, 07:31 AM

Hosting & Colocation

Why choose a DSM Data Centre?

DSM offer a variety of Hosting options ranging from the provision of serviced Colocation space, where customers can install and manage their own systems, through to a fully managed solution, which can, if required, include the supply of hardware and software.

Managing the hardware and software of any business can be expensive, time-consuming and quite frankly a bit of a burden. Constantly ensuring your staff have the right and up to date technology to do their jobs effectively and efficiently can take up immense time that could otherwise be spent driving your business forward.


Fully secure premises in a location away from external risks.


Electronic and physical access control to all areas.


Environmentally controlled and monitored.


Resilient electronically controlled power infrastructure with dual generator and multiple UPS protection.


Diversely routed communication infrastructure ensuring resilience for both voice and data services.


On-site 24×7 technical support.

Water-cooled Data Centre space available now.

DSM’s ‘green’ Data Centre, cooled solely by water sourced from our on-site lake, uses the latest U-Systems ‘Rear Door Cooling’ technology.

  • No need for multiple racks… Power load capability in excess of 90kw per rack
  • No inefficient, energy wasteful hot/cold aisles… Cooling only what is needed to be cooled
  • No power hungry Chillers… nothing more to be chilled so no requirement
  • No refrigerant – yes that’s right – absolutely zero, planet-harmful, refrigerant.

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Why My Cloud Backup

Backing up to the cloud can be stormy; The word ‘cloud’ does not necessarily mean safe, secure or reliable. The ‘cloud’ could be anything from an old store cupboard to a garden shed and so checks should be made and appropriate advice taken to ensure your Cloud provider has the physical necessities along with reputable platforms to be able, not only to safely and securely store your data but also reliably get it back when you need it.

My Cloud Backup is powered by the market leader Veeam software with the data stored on replicated hardware, housed within DSM’s fully owned, Tier 3+ Data Centre which includes:-

  • Power Protection: A & B feeds via twin centralised and modular UPS’s – backed up by twin generator sets with auto start/stop, guaranteeing that power is never interrupted or lost.
  • Diverse Connectivity: Separately routed, high speed, fibre trunks with low latency and auto failover, guaranteeing your backup / restore will not time-out.
  • Security: Systems securely housed in steel caged areas with electronic access control and IP CCTV, all inside an anonymous building set within a ringed steel perimeter fence, keeping all unauthorised entities at bay.

My Cloud Backup – comes with an easy to use web portal interface, allowing the end-user to take full control of backups and restorations – at anytime and from anywhere. Safe, Secure, Reliable – don’t settle for less.