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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing


In simple terms, with a Cloud Computing solution your applications run and your data is stored on a system in a remote location rather than on a local server, ie hardware based in your own offices.
Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • Offers almost unlimited data storage capacity
  • Provides a secure means of file transfer with easy access wherever there is an internet connection
  • Can significantly cut costs
  • Simplifies the process of data backup and recovery
  • Enables companies to easily customise their options.

Confidence in the DSM Approach
We begin by carrying out a full analysis of your processes, resources, connectivity and budget constraints. By making such a detailed assessment of your company, we can be sure that we are recommending the right solution for your business.
The DSM Data Centre
Cloud Computing Solutions are hosted in our own secure data centre over which we have full control for access and resilience. This ensures compliance with the most rigid security standards including a guarantee that data is not stored outside the UK.
Benefits of our solution:

  • Fully secure premises in an area away from external risks.
  • Electronic and physical access control to all areas.
  • Environmentally controlled and monitored.
  • Resilient electronically controlled power infrastructure with dual generator and multiple UPS protection.
  • Diversely routed communication infrastructure ensures resilience for both voice and data services.
  • In-House 24×7 technical support.
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Let us help you decide on the most appropriate solution for your business – both now and in the future.

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