• 27 May 2024, 06:41 AM

Email Services

Email Services

Email is crucial to the day-to-day operation of most businesses.  Our range of email services gives our clients the advantage of using the latest technology and functionality whilst enabling significant cost savings.

Moving your email from your onsite server to a hosted solution allows you to store emails and data on our highly resilient infrastructure which is fully managed, well maintained and highly secure.
In the event of losing services to your premises, denial of access to your premises or even complete destruction of your premises, you would still be able to send and receive e-mails as usual just so long as you can access the Internet.
What’s more, you only pay for the capacity that you need allowing you flexibility to adapt to your ever changing business needs as and when necessary.
Our range of services includes a highly configurable spam filtering solution which reduces the amount of junk mail that reaches your users while enabling them to “white list” bona fide messages.

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Talk to us about how we can help improve resilience and cost effectiveness of your email. Call us on 03333 22 11 00 or fill out our enquiry form

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