• 27 May 2024, 07:16 AM

Benefits of Colocation


Why Colocation?

Over the last few years you will certainly have noticed the rise of technology – how it is becoming increasingly part of our daily lifestyle, oh, and this thing called the Internet.  Well, as this has all been growing around us, protecting our data and access to our applications has become an even more vital part of business operations.  The Internet has led to the introduction of Cloud computing which is one of the most popular ways of managing data and business processes. However, many organisations have recognised that Cloud solutions may not be secure or reliable enough for their needs, especially if they operate in a regulated industry.

This is why Colocation is still a highly popular and effective solution as you can partner with a company who specialises in hosting your equipment in a secure and robust environment with full accountability for ensuring your data is not lost or compromised.  As a company that offers colocation, we would like to suggest a few reasons why it may be the best solution for your business:

First of all, stability is really the main reason people use Colocation. If your premises are hit by a disaster such as flood or a fire (though unlikely, it is possible and something you should plan for) then your data can still be accessed and recovered. Data centres used for colocation should have full resilience for power to eliminate downtime.

Not only is your data not vulnerable to events in your premises, it is safe. Typically, companies that offer colocation services operate to high levels of security to ensure only authorised personnel can access your information.

Providers of colocation services ensure that your equipment is hosted in a controlled environment with high bandwidth speed so your equipment will run smoothly and efficiently. It is far more cost effective to use a colocation provider than to create such conditions in your own premises.

Though there is no guarantee that using a colocation solution will increase your revenue, it will definitely save you money.  This saving could be re-invested in your business to grow income and profits, so there’s really no down side to this as you’re saving money either way.

So if you are not already using a colocation solution, why not consider it? DSM is a specialist company based just outside Peterborough offering a range of services such as colocation, managed hosting, system recovery and IT support to companies across the UK.

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