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DSM Aquire EasyLifeIT

DSM Group acquire Managed Services Provider EasyLifeIT

EasyLifeIT, founded in 2008 has built an excellent reputation for the provision of premium on-demand Managed Services.

DSM Group’s CEO, Mike Richardson said; “the fit with DSM is perfect, whilst both EasylifeIT and DSM operated in each other’s sectors, and did it well, the route to enhancing their offerings could really only be achieved by a united front”.  Mike went on to say “joining forces will enable the delivery of a refined and wider range of premium services, nationally and internationally, our five year vision is to make a number of strategic acquisitions, further solidifying DSM’s market position”

EasylifeIT’s Director and Founder, Lindsey Hall said; “EasylifeIT’s success has been built around its unique Help Desk model and proactive systems management. Joining the DSM Group not only provides the resource to continue growing this exceptional service, but also allows for EasylifeIT to bring to its clients the vast array of cloud services and expertise that DSM has to offer”  Lindsey concluded by saying “I’m excited to part of this new adventure, as Group IT Director I look forward to developing, enhancing  and combining, for the benefit of our clinets, the services of both DSM and EasylifeIT”

About DSM:

DSM was established in 1987 to provide business IT solutions to corporate entities. The portfolio of skills and services has steadily increased over the years in response to customer requirements and the constant changes in technology. 2004 saw the venture into Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Cloud & Data Centre services.

DSM operates out of a converted WW11 aircraft hangar situated in the East Midlands.  One of the key features is its own water cooled data centre – cooled with water from its on-site lake which is, in turn, filled via rain water from the hangar roof.

Managed Services

6 Benefits Of Using Managed IT Services

“By giving IT staff more time to focus on progression and increasing productivity, a managed IT supplier offers businesses the support and room they need to grow.”

While new technologies present powerful opportunities for enterprises, they also introduce challenges. The pace of change in IT is unprecedented. IT departments can no longer survive on one or two computer models, a single operating system, and a short list of approved applications. The mobile devices and cloud-based technologies that have brought so much possibility have also introduced a multitude of devices, platforms and apps for IT departments to manage and secure.

For many organisations those challenges add up to significant expense: the cost of hiring and training qualified workers, purchasing the infrastructure to support emerging technologies, and keeping systems up to date. Rather than struggle to keep pace with technology, many organisations turn to managed IT providers for help. By trusting a third party such as DSM to handle cloud deployments, data center solutions, mobile initiatives, collaboration tools and security, organisations can focus their time and resources on their core business objectives.

IT service providers take a pragmatic approach to IT solutions resulting in a higher standard than many organisations are able to achieve in-house. Top service providers also offer ongoing management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure, along with end-user support and service guarantees.

The benefits of managed IT services are clear: In 2014, only 30 percent of organisations used managed services, but within a year, that figure had nearly doubled. Managed services can cut IT costs by as much as 40 percent while doubling operational efficiency.

Turning to a trusted IT partner offers several advantages, including:

1. Freeing up IT staff

Most internal IT departments are at capacity. Outsourcing back-end functions or complex, rapidly changing technologies to a managed service provider, organisations can dedicate their in-house technology experts to projects that will further their core objectives and promote innovation.

2. Keeping pace with the demands for IT expertise

Organisations around the UK are struggling to fill IT positions, particularly in cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Outsourcing these functions to a partner with technically skilled and specialized engineers in new and emerging technologies alleviates these pressures.

3. Greater scalability

IT organisations spend weeks, even months, deploying massive systems. Many organisations are finding it more effective to start small, move fast and expand as needed. DSM’s modular approach to managed services makes it easy for enterprises to scale up or down depending on demand, such as a retailer increasing capacity around peak periods or a startup experiencing sudden growth.

4. 24/7 availability

The 9-to-5 workday is as outdated today as the phone booth. When users work around the clock, so must the network. With a managed IT provider, help is always available — days, nights, weekends or holidays — to support users.

5. Shifting the burden of compliance

In addition to regular audits, many organisations are obligated to meet standards and requirements with their IT initiatives. Reporting and security are imperative in the healthcare, education, financial services and retail industries. DSM understands the regulations that organisations are bound by and can provide the systems, processes and reports to guarantee that organisations meet their requirements — without placing that burden on in-house staff.

6. Predictable monthly costs

Every IT investment comes with peripheral costs. Organisations need adequate networks, storage, and security. They must train staff, deploy systems and manage equipment. Unexpected costs arise at any time. By outsourcing initiatives to a managed IT provider, organisations can break down their costs into fixed monthly payments. Instead of the large capital expenditures that come with managing systems in-house.

To discuss your requirement or book a free IT review please contact us @ support@dsmgroup.co.uk or call 03333 22 11 00


5 signs you need to change your IT Service Provider

No matter what kind of business you run, IT issues come up from time to time. This is why you partnered with an IT Service Provider. Right?.. So, you don’t have to worry. But, are you worried?

Are you facing recurrent IT issues despite this? Are you facing outages that are taking longer and longer to fix? or in the case of an issue, have you found it hard to get hold of someone to deal with it?

If you can’t answer these questions satisfactorily, it may be time to change.

An able IT Service Provider will use best-in-class people, tools and technologies to deliver the best solutions. They will take a proactive approach to be able to detect and solve problems before they arise. They will also prevent the likelihood of issues happening again.

Here are five tell-tale signs that might make you think, do you need to change your IT Service Partner.

1) Your IT Service Partner Has Slow Response Times
Any business can be faced with server crashes and internet outages. However, when it does, your provider should be on it immediately. If it takes a long time for your provider to respond, you are potentially faced with a severe loss of production and money.

2) Your IT Service Partner Does Not Have 24/7/365 Monitoring
Most company employees may typically work 9 to 5, but your network and your data never sleeps. As such, your solution provider must be round-the-clock too. Your provider must have the correct blend of remote and on-site personnel available at all times of the day and night to give you proactive 24/7/365 monitoring services.

3) Your IT Service Partner Does Not Provide Data Backup
Any business will run dead without its data. How long could you business survive if you lost your data or it was compromised?  Our guess would be, not very long. Your provider should have ironclad data protection and secure data backup plans for you.

4) Your IT Service Partner’s “Strategic Guidance” Sounds More Like A “Sales Call”
The correct provider for your business can double up as a virtual IT Director. Many organisations have rudimentary knowledge of enterprise IT systems, and as such outsource their IT. However, due to bad business practices, many providers use this as an opportunity to milk more out of their clients. Stuck with unnecessary expensive upgrades to your software you hardly use? Your provider might just have tricked you.

5) You Have Outgrown Your IT Service Partner 
Sometimes, your provider might struggle to provide you with the best support, despite their best efforts. This might not always be their fault. Maybe, your company outgrew your provider. Maybe, they just don’t have the manpower or access to the latest technologies that you need to sustain and better your own growth. It might be time to part ways with your provider.